Sihanoukville 01day Tour Visite Privée
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Sihanoukville 01day Tour Visite Privée


Sihanoukville, a coastal city in Cambodia, is a hidden gem that offers a perfect blend of pristine beaches, cultural richness, and vibrant local life. A one-day private tour in Sihanoukville promises an immersive experience, allowing you to discover the city’s highlights in a personalized and comfortable setting.

Morning Delight: Otres Beach

  • Start your day with serenity: Begin your private tour by visiting Otres Beach, a tranquil haven away from the bustling crowds. Feel the soft sand beneath your feet and take in the breathtaking sunrise over the Gulf of Thailand.
  • Breakfast by the shore: Enjoy a delightful breakfast at one of the beachfront cafes, savoring local delicacies while relishing the picturesque views.

Mid-morning Cultural Exploration: Wat Leu

  • Discover Cambodia’s spiritual heritage: Head to Wat Leu, a prominent Buddhist temple perched atop Sihanoukville’s highest peak. Explore the ornate architecture, intricate sculptures, and immerse yourself in the peaceful ambiance.
  • Panoramic Views: Climb to the top for panoramic views of the city and the surrounding landscapes. Capture memorable moments against the backdrop of the sparkling sea.

Lunchtime Indulgence: Local Cuisine

  • Savor Cambodian flavors: Delight your taste buds with a sumptuous Cambodian lunch at a local restaurant. Sample fresh seafood, traditional Khmer dishes, and exotic flavors that characterize the region’s culinary heritage.
  • Optional Seafood Market Visit: If time allows, explore the local seafood market to witness the vibrant daily life of fishermen and choose the freshest catch for your lunch.

Afternoon Retreat: Sokha Beach

  • Relax by the shores: Spend your afternoon at Sokha Beach, a pristine stretch of white sand known for its calm waters. Engage in water activities or simply unwind under the sun.
  • Luxury Resorts and Spas: Take a stroll along the beachfront and explore the upscale resorts and spas, experiencing the luxurious side of Sihanoukville.

Sundown Soiree: Ochheuteal Beach

  • Sunset spectacle: Head to Ochheuteal Beach to witness a breathtaking sunset. The beach comes alive with vibrant hues reflecting off the water, creating a magical atmosphere.
  • Beachfront Dining: Choose a beachfront restaurant for a delightful dinner experience. Indulge in fresh seafood, grilled delights, and tropical cocktails as the night unfolds.

Evening Entertainment: Serendipity Road

  • Nightlife Extravaganza: Conclude your day with a visit to Serendipity Road, where Sihanoukville’s nightlife comes alive. Enjoy live music, beach parties, or a quiet drink in one of the many bars lining the street.


A one-day private tour in Sihanoukville unveils the city’s diverse offerings, from serene beaches and cultural landmarks to culinary delights and vibrant nightlife. Embrace the personalized experience, discovering the beauty and charm of this coastal gem at your own pace. Sihanoukville awaits, ready to leave you with lasting memories of a day well spent.